John's Bio

For sure it’s a blessing to be able to say that I'm a fifth generation Floridian. Around the mid to late 1800's my family settled along the shores of the Mosquito Lagoon at “Eldora” then New Smyrna Beach and later along the Indian River at Sand Point (now Titusville). They fished, hunted, guided, built boats, farmed and raised babies.

Yep, needless to say I spent a lot of time floating around on my home waters. It was and always will be a great escape from life back on land. 

I spent a little time after high school running small boats for the US Coast Guard doing what we called “saving lives and property”. When I returned home I got a little gig at our local fly shop rigging fly tackle and selling a few t-shirts. I figured guiding fly-fisher folks that shared my same appetency would be a cool gig and I’m still at it today. 

All that aside, my passion for flyfishing and trying to fool fish with the flies that I tie myself continues. We'll quietly pole over the shallow flats and sight-cast to unsuspecting fish in hopes of a nibble. Along the way you'll no doubt see why I love this fabulous stretch of Florida's waterway I call home.

I do practice catch and release here on the lagoon, it's just the right thing to do for this particular fishery, so thank’s for that

Inquiries always welcome on more information about ‘seasonal’ guided flyfishing in southwest Alaska for all five species of Pacific salmon and trophy rainbow trout.



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