John's Bio

Well, I feel it's quite a blessing to tell you that I'm a fifth generation Floridian. Around the mid to late 1800's my family settled along the shores of the Mosquito Lagoon at New Smyrna Beach and the Indian River at Sand Point (now Titusville). They fished, hunted, guided, built boats, farmed and raised babies. 

Needless to say I started fishing at an early age. Then it was on to surfing. Between the two it was all I/we did. Around here, you either surf or fish or both. Back then you really couldn't make a living doing either but I knew I had to be on the water doing something. So, during my senior year in high school I left to join the U.S. Coast Guard and spent my years working search and rescue operations throughout south Florida, the Keys and the Carribean. Again, all my time off was spent surfing and fishing. After seven years I decided to come home again and start a new life.

I was back again and doing the same thing as before  but I had discovered saltwater fly fishing (the rest is history right?). It was while working part time at a local fly shop around the early 90's that I decided to give guiding a full time go and make it a professional career as there were less than a handful of guides and no one at the time was a dedicated 'fly-guide' (wow, has that changed!). 

Since then i'ts been a labor of love to be sure.  

All that aside, my passion is fly fishing and trying to fool fish with the flies that I tie myself. We'll quietly pole over the shallow flats and sight-cast to unsuspecting fish in hopes of a nibble. Along the way you'll no doubt see why I love this fabulous stretch of Florida's waterway I call home.

I do practice catch and release here on the lagoon. It's just the right thing to do for this particular fishery, so thanks for that...

Thanks again for checking out my bio page and maybe someday we can create a lasting friendship...bye for now…john.



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